Friday, August 20, 2010

Fantasy Flight Games Pictures and Previews

I love Fantasy Flight games, but I spent almost no time at their GenCon booth since I already am fairly aware of their releases and give them enough of time time and money outside of GenCon. I did, however, swing by to pick up a bunch of the prepainted Arkham Horror minis for use in both Arkham Horror and 1920s RPGing (mostly Call of Cthulhu). I am very impressed by the pieces and can see myself impulse buying several at $3.99/each. I have a ton of pictures further down in this post. While at the booth, I took a bunch of pictures about upcoming/recent projects by FFG. If you are not familiar with their GenCon booth, FFG has TONS of tables demoing a lot of their games. People line up early in the day to purchase new (and sometimes preview) releases of their games. The three big things that I saw were Dungeonquest, Lord of the Rings Living Card Game and Cadwallon City of Thieves. The Arkham prepaints and Civilization also seemed to be creating decent interest. Now, for the picture dumping:

Battles of Westeros Stark Expansion

Cadwallon: City of Theives

Lord of the Rings Living Card Game

Civilization Board Game

Arkham Horror Miniatures

Warhammer Fantasy RPG upcoming

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