Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo - C2E2!

In what is turning out to be a supers power-hour here at The Hopeless Gamer, I can announce that just yesterday I received confirmation that The Gamer Wife and I are going to be at C2E2 as official representatives of the press! If you haven't heard of C2E2 yet, I don't blame you - it is the first year of the show afterall. However, a quick summary might be in order. Basically C2E2 is shaping up to be a mini Comic-Con, and I mean in the good lots-of-access-to-the-people-who-make-the-stuff-that's-really-neat kind of way, not the sold-out-crowded-floor kind of way.

While C2E2 is mostly a comic convention, it's impossible nowadays to avoid general pop culture when you start discussing comics. That being said, the list of guests appearing at the show is quite daunting. Because of the prolific... ness of the list, I'm wondering what people would be interested in reading about when it comes to our C2E2 coverage? The show itself is still a month away, but it's never to early to start brainstorming and planning. Because of this I'm looking for your input. You can either leave a comment in reply to this blog or you can send an email to with your coverage request.

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  1. A couple things I would love to hear about. First off if there are any new Super Hero RPGs in the works. I would be especially interested in a Marvel RPG. I actually cut my teeth on the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes.

    Next: can we expect any more support for the Marvel Heroscape games?


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