Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kickstarter Delivers! Dungeon World Edition.

I was super excited to see a package come in the mail for me today. People have been reporting recently that they're receiving their hardcover, softcover, t-shirts, extra books whatever for Dungeon World recently, and me, completely out of the loop, had no idea! So, I was not only excited, but quite surprised when I got my softcover and little backer-exclusive books in the mail today.

I've already been talking about Dungeon World quite a bit. I had a heckuva time running an introduction session for my friends last month and am still looking forward to the next opportunity to run it.

I don't have time today to write up a review of the book, but I did take some pictures of what I got, so check those out below. I will say that the book feels nice and meaty, which shouldn't be a surprise if you've seen the pdf.

It reminds me, in a purely physical sense, of the original publishing of Spirit of the Century. It's pretty much the same size, and the smaller pages really help (at least for me) to get excited to read the book all over again.

The three little booklets that I got with my softcover are, simply put, adorable. I can't wait to read them, and if Dungeon World itself is portable, the booklets are down-right convenient. They're about the size of a large wallet, and if one were so inclined, could very, very easily fit in the back pocket of your jeans. It has me intrigued to think about micro RPG's that could be printed in this size and sold for just a couple of books. A fun idea, but definitely a diversion.

Seriously, publishers? Take a look at these tiny supplements. I love them, although I'm not sure how I'm going to store them at this point. The covers are a thicker stock then they may look in the picture, and they feel astoundingly sturdy. They have the feel of a tiny indie comic you can get in larger comic shops in bigger cities or at cons.

As has happened in the past, Dungeon World's got me excited to blog again. There's something about it that energizes me. I'm very excited for Fate Core, another recent Kickstarter I backed, but for some reason it's DW that makes me want to write. I hope to have more in the future, and hopefully anyone still waiting for their DW stuff will get it soon!


  1. Really wish I could have backed this project.

  2. Yeah, to be honest, at the time I wasn't really sure I'd do it, but obviously I'm happy I did. I'd still recommend picking up the pdf at a minimum. At $10.00, it's a ton of value, and is good to go as far as playing a game right away. The backer supplements are nice, but I can't imagine needing anything other than the core book to play.


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