Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gencon 2012 Aftermath: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) will always hold a special place in Gencon honor for me. Back in high school, before I was initiated into the cult of role-playing, I was all about collectible and competitive games. I got my way into tabletop gaming thanks to an older brother who got me excited about Wizkids' Mage Knight (the original stuff, I can still remember him telling me about the Lancers release tournament and then a couple months later playing in my first tournament at the Whirlwind release tourney, but I digress!).

At our first Gencon (or maybe it was our second?) the Game of Thrones CCG debuted, and my brother, well-read of Ice and Fire, bee-lined right for FFG's booth to pick up a starter or two from the original set of the game to give it a shot. I had never really played a CCG before (unless you count sort of playing Overpower as a kid, which I do), but I was game for it, and picked up a Stark starter. It was glorious, and it got me addicted to the game for years, essentially following along with it through out college.

Since then, FFG has released tons of goodies of all sorts of game types. Visiting their booth every year is still and will hopefully forever be a highlight of the show. That's really the main reason I've saved them for last. FFG did not disappoint this year and brought the goods with them. I hope you enjoy the pictures and enjoyed all my Gencon coverage this year!

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