Monday, March 12, 2012

In case you missed it... FFG announces in-house deck boxes!

I'm pretty much a shill for Fantasy Flight Games at this point, and I'm ok with that. Anyway, my favorite game from them this past year has been the Lord of the Rings LCG. While storage was easy throughout the entire first cycle of cards, I've now had to expand a bit, and while it's been manageable, carting all my cards around for forever is out of the realm of something I want to do.

FFG of course has a solution up its sleeve. Today they announced their own line of deck boxes, and unlike the some of the safer designs of their card sleeves and gaming tokens, these boxes actually appear to be something offering a bit of innovation and something new. Take a look at the art they've thrown up at that announcement page:

It really does make sense that they'd put their love of tokens together with their love of making open-ended customizable gaming products. It's such a simple innovation, but I love the little token bin at the bottom of these boxes. They also promise to be quite large since FFG claims they comfortably hold 100 sleeved cards. Of course this means I'll be able to carry four Lord of the Rings decks around really easily with just two of these, but I can't help but be excited by the other possibilities these have. Just one of these should be enough for you to carry all the stuff you need to play any tabletop RPG. Mini's, tokens, dice, power cards (for 4th ed.), and a bunch more. Throw a golf pencil or two in there, fold up your character sheet, and you're good to go. Throw a little portrait of your character behind the window on the front of the box, and you've classed up the joint to boot.

Way to go FFG, and hopefully these are the same quality we expect out of all your bits and bobbles you put out!

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