Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shocktober Day 7 - Seeds of Horror - Ring

(Today's Seed of Horror is my own little variation on a classic one-liner story that fits the week's theme of "Isolation" quite well. It's impossible to write a better story, but I wanted to do my best to give it my own spin.)

The Brewers were up by two - up by two - and the entire bar had grown silent. The station had to take a break for local news, which was clearly outrageous, especially to Jimmy. The feed switched to two empty chairs in Channel 11's studio, not that Jimmy noticed since his phone had started ringing. He stepped outside onto a dark, empty street. "Unknown Caller" had fantastic timing. Jimmy pressed the green phone button and was immediately hung up on. He ran back into the bar praying he hadn't missed a single pitch. Bursting through the door, the packed bar had somehow completely evacuated in about 15 seconds and he stood alone in the center of the room surrounded by huge flatscreen TV's displaying the two empty news anchor chairs of Channel 11. His phone rang. "Unknown Caller" was persistent. 

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