Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cthulhu - Wasted Lands Screenshots!

Red Wasp Design has been doing a very good of keeping everyone updated on their upcoming mobile Call of Cthulhu game, Wasted Lands. The game is set during the Great War, and the pictures you'll find below are summed up in their press release:

"They show characters from the game under attack by the undead, and the Dark Young. As the characters fight these legions of horror they will have their sanity eroded away as the game's designer Tomas Rawlings noted, “Lovecraft and his peers created really iconic monsters that tap into our deepest fears. As huge fans of his stories, we've worked really hard to transfer the essence of these alien horrors into a game form. We're blending the core ideas of the classic role-playing game along with our experience of gameplay design all wrapped in our new 3D engine to craft what we hope is a gaming experience of malignant evil!"

Check below for the pictures below! HD versions of the screenshots are probably coming in soon down the line. It looks like it's going to be a really fun game that will be putting the tech specs of mobile devices to the test to show off some truly horrible character designs (of course they're well-done, but Lovecraft didn't tend to describe creatures that didn't look terrible, unutterable even). You get the idea, stuff looks cool.

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