Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gencon Photo Fun Finito!

I mentioned on Monday that I had just a few more pictures left to post from Gencon. Today's the wrap-up of all the great new stuff I got to check out while at the convention, but I warn you, it is quite the random collection.

I was most excited to pick up a copy of The One Ring from Cubicly 7, and I bee-lined for their booth as soon as I entered the exhibitor's hall. The above picture just filled me with so much joy, plus I got an amazing map of Rhovannion (the setting for this first box set) for super cheap when I purchased the box set. Fantastic, and you can bet on seeing more about TOR in the future here.

Well I didn't get a chance to demo the game (which is really unfortunate due to the fact that they were basically giving away some of their awesome ships when you demo'd), I did take the chance to snap some shots of Catalyst Games' new, massive miniatures game, Leviathans. The first shot shows off just how cool this game is going to look, but at the current price, it's going to be a little tough for my to justify picking it up first-hand.

I had never heard of Cosmic Patrol before entering the hall on Thursday, and chances are pretty good that you haven't heard of it either. That being said, this unknown pulp sci-fi serial adventures RPG from Catalyst Game Labs is the surprise hit from the show for myself. I began reading the small paperback edition exclusive to the show (the hardback book comes out this Fall) and could not put the thing down. The setting is fantastic and feels unique well solidly placed in the familiar, and the rules perfectly match my light preference of mechanics that get out of the way. You will be seeing more of this game here and, hopefully, elsewhere as well.

Super Dungeon Explorer looks fantastic. Again, this is one with way too high an initial investment cost to get picked up, but the mini's do look truly spectacular. Soda Pop Miniatures has stumbled on to something really big here, and I think it's absolutely going to be a hit and help the company blow up (in a good, super-deformed kind of way).

Although Wizkids is just now starting to bring back a much more impressive presence to the convention, they still have a ways to go until they get back to their former stature with huge lines full of loyal fans trying to get a crack at the hot new stuff. Fortunately for them, they have a couple of very interesting games coming up that are only sure to help. The top picture is from their Lord of the Rings mini's line, the next picture is of their Pathfinder pre-painted plastics line (which promises to bring a lot of new fans to Wizkids' products), and the final picture is their Street Fighter line which, I'll quickly admit, I have no idea how you'd turn into a fun miniatures game.

What would Gencon be without a giant over-sized statue from Privateer Press? While not to scale, this Ironclad was still quite impressive and made for a very fun attraction to their booth. Great job as always by the PP gang as their booth continues to be the busiest and most popular place to be every year if you're looking to buy new shineys.

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  1. I'll take that giant statue as my "mini" for Mike's Amethyst campaign. Seems to scale.


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