Monday, July 18, 2011

A Question of Character - Environment

In this abominably sweltering weather, it only seems appropriate this week to focus my a Question of Character tweets and sample questions on how your character interacts and reacts to their environment. I'm having a great time thinking up five distinctly different questions each week fitting my themes, and I hope to one day be able to compile them into a big list as a character building resource for others to use (probably once I feel like I've exhausted the schtick - so hopefully not for a while!).

As always, I wanted to pick a theme that appears fairly innocuous but has the potential to describe a lot of how a character might react in many situations by focusing on specific situations. Generalization is the name of the game here. What better way to find out how a character reacts to stress than hitting them with 100+ degree heat? Think about this for a second - what's your favorite season? Why is it so? Do you go with Summer since it's baseball season, or Fall because it's college football time? What we do when we do it, has a ton to do with our personal physical comfort, and a lot of that is a direct result of weather, or potentially climate as a whole.

As a reminder, last week's theme, Decisions, produced the following questions:

1. Do you regularly consult with family members before making big decisions?
2. You must choose to cut the green or the blue wire to disarm a ticking bomb. How do you decide which wire to cut?
3. How do you feel about making a decision via committee?
4. Do you sweat the small stuff like what to eat for lunch or what music to listen to on the way to work?
5. How do you decide what to do on the weekend?

As you can see, I went with equal parts Big Damn Hero and Big Damn Mundane Hero with the questions. In coming up with the items for last week, I really wanted to explore both the big decisions and the little decisions since both scales really have a lot to offer when it comes to defining a character.


  1. I'd take the blue wire to disarm it.

  2. But how did you decide? That's the interesting part! (Good choice by the way - you were successful!)


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