Monday, July 11, 2011

A Question of Character - Decisions.

So you may have noticed a significantly lack of postage last week. I decided kind of late in the game that I wanted to take a week off from blogging just to see how it felt. It felt good, man. That being said, I'm also excited to get right back into things. So consider today's entry to just be a delay from last week.

Two weeks ago I made a new kind of Player Monday post where I talked about the finer details of a character through looking at small little questions that can add a lot of bang for your buck. In this week's a Test of Character I'm going to be looking at a new set of questions. Whereas last time I looked at how a character takes care of their physical appearance, this week we take a look at how characters make decisions that affect themselves and sometimes, everyone around them.

As a reminder the various entries can be found on Twitter through following my account. Last time's questions included:

Does your character keep his or hair long or short? Why?
Does your character go out of his or her way to give off a specific scent or fragrance?
Does your character dress for weather or throw caution to the wind?
Does your character ever wear t-shirts with funny graphics?
Does your character was their own clothes?

So look forward to this week looking at how characters make their decisions. Some people make quick decisions while others take minutes or hours to decide on the simplest manner. Context of the choices of course matters, but more so, where are the decisions being made? In line at Starbucks, in the middle of an operating room, or in the midst of a huge firefight during WWII? We interpret these traits to be quite defining of a character's ability to function under all different types of pressure whether social, martial, or otherwise. How does your character make decisions?


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