Friday, July 29, 2011

On the Cusp of a Third Year.

I'll be coming up on my two year anniversary of the blog this Monday, August 1st. It was hastily put together as a way for me to spread my love for Gencon and also provide me with an outlet where I can get some of my thoughts shared to the audient void of the internet. As I did last year, I'm taking this anniversary, in the midst of the mix of anxiety and thrill of the impending Gencon festivities, to look once again at my very first post of the blog. It really helps to read through it once a year to get back to the spirit behind the blog. There have been times this year where I've become frustrated and wanted to quit working on THG. There are also times where I force myself to write something that ends up being a very fulfilling and thrilling experience. Anyway, it always helps to look back at my roots, so here it is. 

Welcome! I've reached the point, that I believe all gamers inevitably reach, in my short gaming life where I have realized the utter horror of too many games, too little time. A part of me would like to put the blame out there on others, but what good would that do?

It turns out that the answer is "a lot." I've decided that there are several parties to blame in what I will kindly refer to as my "gaming addiction." You see, I need the stuff; I need to think about killing dragons or orcs, about following the trail of the mysterious old codger down the street, I need to build a story around adorable, but vicious and honorable, small mice just trying to protect their homeland.

The main culprit of my ailment, I would say, is that of No doubt I was seeking an output for my own ideas and an avenue to explore new ideas before I was even on the internet, but it wasn't until recently when I began exploring the forums and reviews of that I was struck with the vastness of the rpg world. I grew up playing miniatures games and was used to war and stats and lots of small, pre-painted warriors fighting for their lives on a tiny 3' x 3' field of green felt. There were mighty battles to be had, and I hope to someday relive the glory days of strategic mini warfare, but that is not what these entries are going to be about.

No, my friends and I have greatly expanded our horizons and now look to bigger and (less expensive) better things. was key in helping me find out more about what's out there. I've learned about games that, unlike their miniature brethren, are abstract and give more freedom for the players to influence the world they build together.

From time to time I will post reviews for games that I'm interested in (although may never play). I hope this will give me an outlet for those games I'd love to play, read about, even plan campaigns for, but will never see the light of day in my gaming group. These may be full-fledged, comprehensive reviews, but sometimes I may choose to break a book down by chapter or content areas and further explore some of the ideas and my reactions.

Other entries may just be filled with random tidbits of gaming fun or odd little thoughts that creep up on me from time to time. I may listent to podcasts and try to inform you about them, visit websites, or discuss different projects I've been thinking of working on, gaming or otherwise. My interests vary greatly, and I have a hard time thinking of a genre I don't find interesting.

For now, I want to thank anyone that comes a long and may be interested, I'm glad to check out other blogs and am always looking for some good discussion!

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