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GM's Day Sale Recommendations for

I don't really know where this GM Day thing comes from (EDIT: No, I do, and it's because it's the third anniversary of the passing of Mr. Gygax, my apologies), but I'm not going to complain much seeing as how almost everyone in our group has GM'ed something, so why not celebrate us? That's what I say! Anyway, GM's day really just seems like a big old deal on a lot of game publishing sites. If I had my druthers (and an extra 40 hours/week to plan it), I'd love to see some kind of program like Free RPG Day that was aimed specifically at getting totally newbies into the GM's chair in stores across the nation, nay, the world, and give them a shot at seeing how fun it can be to GM.

Since I don't have my druthers, I will instead make some suggestions for some pdf products to take a look at over at You see, they're having a pretty cool sale offering 25% off all the stuff listed here. PDF's generally run at a good cost to begin with, so I figure it's a great time to take a look at some stuff to pick up. So, click to get past the jump and see what you should buy! NOTE: there's a ton of deals, and I'd love for people to post more below in the comments, but I'm focusing on downloadable stuff for the purpose of this post. NOTE NOTE: sale ends soon, like in 3 and 1/2 days soon as of this post.

Here's some stuff that I like:

Icons and Icons Hero Pack 1 - really you can't go wrong with any Icons stuff, but these two products will get you going and even better, if you're a GM, you will never need to create your own NPC supers for the game again! Don't forget to look up Ballerephon, and when you use him, make sure to use my voice!

Mouse Guard - there's nothing more I can say than has already been said about this game. I love it, I love the comic, it is one of the best looking gaming products out there. If you're even a little curious about the Burning Wheel game system, Mouse Guard's a great place to start.

Monsters and Other Childish Things Pocket Edition and Road Trip - Monsters is a fantastically original game where you play a kid and his monster - think Calvin & Hobbes meets Call of Cthulhu. The Pocket Edition is a great way to get into the game and Road Trip is a very nice long supplement to get your game up and running.

Fiasco - Seriously, wanna give your GM a break, buy Fiasco, read the rules, and run your group through the GM-less Game of 2010.

Savage Worlds: Fantasy Companion, Pulp Gear Toolkit, Pulp GM's Toolkit, Sci Fi Gear Toolkit, Super Powers Companion, and Horror Toolkit - Savage Worlds is a fantastic system in that it molds to fit whatever niche you need it to fill. Originally a pulp system, it does sci-fi, supers, horror, bizzaro, whatever you want. The items I picked are just a select few, but seriously, just look to see what you want, and try not to buy the whole store.

The World of Auruneus and World of Auruneus Zombie Cards - I don't think I'll ever get sick of the concept of D&D combined with zombiepocalypse. I also won't ever get sick of the Troll in the Corner blog (and personally think it's unfair that I have to compete against them in the ENnies :P). Anyway, if you play D&D and want a taste of something different, check out Auruneus. These will get you started, but make sure to check the other stuff out that they've put together for the setting.

Hunter: The Vigil - Bad Night at Blackmoon Farm, Block by Bloody Block, Collection of Horrors Subscription, and Complete Compacts and Conspiracies - Hunter: The Vigil is an incredibly cool game. It's probably one of my two favorite new World of Darkness games, and what kills me that, if you just shopped in your local store and thought you owned everything for the game, you'd be missing out on some truly unique, original material. If you like the game, you owe it to yourself to buy all that junk at the beginning of this paragraph.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters and World of Darkness: Bood of the Dead - and now we have my other favorite new World of Darkness game! Geist is a neat and creepy game. It's good for a lot of the other new World of Darkness games in that that things you encounter in Geist are completely original and better yet, unpredictable. These books make for great reads if nothing else, and they constitute the entire Geist line, so if you're a completist, you'll be done!

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  1. Actually, GM's day started in 2002/2003 from this thread (afaik):
    Just saying. :)


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