Thursday, February 10, 2011

What could have been. Our very own Serenity

Here is part two of the build up to tomorrow's big post and guest article outlining how Keegan was able to plan and build the amazing chasm for my Dragon Age game. On Tuesday I posted pictures of Keegan's homemade mule, evil cannibal skiff, and his first attempt at building a 3-d version of the spaceship Ebon Hawk. Today you get what could probably be considered the next step in Keegan's evolution as a master crafter of kick ass tabletop scenery and terrain. This post focuses on the spaceship that he was building for his Serenity game. Don't take the picture to the right here for granted, you have to keep reading after the jump to see all the detail work put into this thing. It was truly a massive undertaking. You can see how awesome it could have been in game, but alas, the game didn't last. Hopefully someday we can come back to it and find a good use for a detailed spaceship in one of our future games. Here's hoping!

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