Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Hopefuls - Best Gaming Accessory - D&D Tokens from Gale Force Nine

We love the fiddly bits in life. Whether it's a great DM screen, a magnetic initiative tracker, or my Droid X, if it helps us run our games smoother or makes our games look awesome in some way, we're going to be interested in it. Gale Force Nine is no stranger to the fiddly bits of tabletop gaming. Having produced hundreds of scenery and effects tokens and 3-d terrain bits, when they announced this year that they would be releasing officially-licensed products for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed, we were pretty excited.

Chuck picked up the DM token set earlier this year, and we were instantly blown away by the production quality. GF9 clearly put a lot of thought into this set. Not only were pretty much all the conditions covered with their own unique, clearly-labeled tokens, but they were dry-erasable! It was a very clever little add-on that made this token set extremely functional and handy. All these tokens came in a surprisingly-sturdy wooden box. Well the kit looks expensive (ok, so at $30.00 is still kinda is), the box added a lot of value to the package.

At Gencon I was able to grab the warrior token set for players (contents pictured in this post). As a player of 4th Ed, it's got literally everything I would need to play. We often spread around the different types of tokens amongst our fighters for marking (and yes, we went through all of Tomb of Horrors with two fighters)so we can easily tell which fighter had marked which monster. My favorite part, and something I wished they would just sell on their own in five packs for a whole party, is the quick reference card. Also dry erasable, this reference card lets me look at my HP and ongoing effects quickly, and it even works well to pass to the DM to let him quickly see how my trusty ole' barbarian, Abraxas is faring in the fight. Both products are great, and I'm curious to see what else GF9 could dream up to aim specifically at players.

Interested in picking up a token set or two for yourself? Check the links to Amazon below to get seven bucks off the DM kit and a couple bucks off the players' token sets!

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