Friday, November 12, 2010

Rusted Heroes Dragon Knights, Painted!

Hail. hail, the gang's all here!
So these six minis technically only count as one for my NaMiPaMo goals (all but the Mercenary Assassin were done before November started), but I'm still happy to finally have the unit finished! This is the first time I've set out to paint a GROUP of minis (my attention span is usually limited to one or two at a time) - Paul's request to have each fighter be a different "dragon color" helped keep things interesting. Keep reading for close-ups and technique notes!
Slithe the Assassin - Mercenary
This guy's not technically part of the Dragon Knights, so I wanted to make him look a little different. I stayed with dark and neutral colors to keep him looking appropriately sinister, as well as to keep him from looking like he fit in with the brights of everyone else. Faces are usually my downfall, so I'm happy with how his turned out. The basing is the grey gravel that came in my Army Painter Sci-Fi basing set, but I used brown ink over top of it to make it look a little more earthy.

Sir Zien - Foot Knight w/ 1H Broad Sword and Shield

For the knights with plate armor, I painted the armor in the basic color that Paul and I had agreed upon, used P3 armor wash to add depth, then drybrushed gold over the top to give it a dragon-y sheen (I found this to give more of a glow than just mixing the gold with the base color to begin with). I tried to steer away from making this one look too Green Bay Packers, but the result is that he doesn't pop as much as some of the others - not my favorite.

Mordant - Dragon Fusilier w/ Blunderbuss
I think the gold works best with the orange. Basing for all of these used mats from the set mentioned earlier, along with Army Painter Highland Tuft.

Sir Lessen - Foot Knight w/ 2H Dragon Great Axe
This is one of my favorite sculpts of the set. I had initially intended the red to be... redder... but I think I like how the darker shade looks in the context of everyone else.
Kru' Gain - Black Inquisitor
Without as much plate, I tried to focus the dragon-y gold into the little bits of armor that this guy does have. I might also go back in to touch up the drybrushing on his cloak now that I'm seeing the close-up picture - but it doesn't look as rushed in person, I swear!

Duke Rathar - Dragon Lord
This is my ultimate favorite of the set, and accordingly, the one I spent the most time on.

Shield view, Back view
I tried to act professional with this one, using lots and lots of very thin layers of paint to actually blend the colors (instead of faking it with speed painting techniques, like I usually do!). I'm happy with the end result, especially when comparing his cloak to Kru' Gain's robes. I think I just need to learn patience and take my time more often!


  1. I wish I had the patients to paint minis, or even have minis to have minis at all....................and now I'm sad. Excellent work though. If I had to pick favorites though it's between the Black Inquisitor and the Mercenary.

  2. I really like the Inquisitor. You're right about the darker red suiting the foot knight. A bright red simply wouldn't fit the bill if you want to present or use the minis as a group. I like the slightly rusty worn look, I think it lends them a bit more character.

    Nice work Andrea.

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  3. "Mordant - Dragon Fusilier w/ Blunderbuss"

    Did you know that a mordant is a substance used to set dyes?

  4. I have to be honest, I did not know that. Now I do :)


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