Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dragon Age Set 1 - Have I finally found my fantasy RPG? (Part 1)

Something recently possessed me to trade Chuck for his copy of the Dragon Age Boxset 1 for my only remaining Cthulhutech book - Vade Mecum. Cthulhutech is still something I'm very interested in, but I just can't see myself running it. I'll leave it to Chuck since he is definitely the Cthulhu and Lovecraft guy. Don't get me wrong, I love horror, but when it comes to the Mythos, Chuck knows how to set the tone and put his players on edge.

So where does that leave me as a GM? Well, I've got my Day After Ragnarok "Project Snakebite" campaign. While it's going well after several sessions, I feel in a bit of a slump. They just entered my first dungeon and cleared the first level of the dungeon. I don't know why, but I just am not motivated to map out the rest of the dungeon. I know where they're going and what their ultimate goal is, but I just am not feeling the in-between.

Besides Snakebite I've got several (at least five) different one shots mapped out and pretty much ready to run. Of course since we're facing the holiday season it'll be tough to get everyone together to run any campaign, so I'm trying to prep these to be able to run on-the-fly with whoever shows up. I'd like to be able to bank some of these for future Friday Night Gaming sessions when we're missing just a person or two.

So I've got my lagging Savage Worlds campaign and several games over several different game systems (mostly Dread, but I also want to give Time & Temp a shot). I've wanted to run a fantasy game for a long time now. I've mentioned before how I've never actually GM'ed anything in the fantasy genre before. I don't really think of myself this way, but I'm far and away a modern (or near modern with WWII) GM. We play a lot of D&D 4th Ed, but I've never run a game (although Wraith Recon looks like something I'd definitely consider running).

This brings me back to Dragon Age. Come back tomorrow to learn more about how I got to the point where this might just be the perfect fantasy game for me to GM!

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