Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only a little bit of time left for FREE STUFF!

Me: Did you forget to enter?

Potentially You: Enter for what?

Me: You fool! You have until midnight tomorrow (Friday 10/29) to enter to win a free copy of Dread or Monsters and Other Childish Things pdfs.

Potentially You: That's sounds amazing!

Me: I know!

Potentially You: But how do I win? Do I have to survive a night in the old Westing House?

Me: Stop being such a fool! All you have to do is send an email to with your follower name, email you'd like the pdf sent to if you win, and th ename of your favorite movie!

Potentially You: I'm not a follower, how do I...?

Me: You're lucky I'm so patient! Check out the left column where it says followers, click "follow," and follow the instructions. WHAM! Now you're a follower!

Potentially You: But my favorite horror movie is Saw V, will you judge me for my poor taste?

Me: Yes! But not publicly, just inside my head and to all my friends (the ones outside my head, not inside).

Definitely You: I'm in!


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