Saturday, October 23, 2010

12 Reasons to Give to the Pakistan Flood Relief Fundraiser

I love the amount of support that's been pouring out to DrivethruRPG's most recent efforts to assist those who are going through a cataclysmic tragedy. From blogs to message boards, the word is out - head over the DrivethruRPG and donate $25.00 to Doctors Without Boarders right now. Just do it. Need a better reason than me just telling you to do it? Well if you go donate now or before this Monday at 10:00 AM Eastern you'll also get yourself over $700.00 worth of RPG products.

I donated the first time they ran a fundraiser like this for Haiti, and while the RPG products cost total was higher, I think we actually get a nicer selection of core game products than last time. There's some really great games offered I've already got like Icons, Don't Rest Your Head, and the Pine Ridge Horror (a very fun Savage Worlds adventure). There's a bunch of stuff here that I don't own yet, and I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

These are really the perks I get from donating $25.00 to a truly good cause:

1. Contenders - I've heard this is a very fun and brutal GM-less game centered around the world of boxing. It sounds very unique and that's always a trait that'll get my attention.

2. Dragon Warriors - This is one of the classics that I probably wouldn't have really dug any further than reading about online if not for this deal. Now I get to check it out without a huge money investment!

3. Exalted Second Edition - One of the big rulebooks from Whitewolf. I've never had a chance to check it out before but have always been curious to read more about it. Now I will!

4. Fear Itself - I've been eyeing this for quite some time now. We haven't ever used the Gumshoe system, but now I'm very excited to investigate it further and maybe try a game. Perfect timing with Halloween too!

 5. Harnmaster 3rd Edition - Another classic that I wouldn't have looked at otherwise - Smart inclusion!

6. Hot War - This is one of those indie games I was just waiting to get around to. It's a really neat setting (basically post WWII - what happens when the cold war goes hot? Also bad news with other supernatural type stuff).

7. House in the Hills - A solo horror adventure? Yes please!

8. Spycraft 2.0 Rulebook - This falls in the same category as Exalted 2nd Edition. A hardcopy would run at least $20.00. With my recent fascination with spy games, I was very excited to see this listed in the deal!

9. Starblazer Adventures - The number of big fat corebooks is staggering. I've wanted to look into Starblazer Adventures for quite some time. Now I will.

10. Sufficiently Advanced - Another little indie game I've heard of in several spots. It looks like a very polished product with a neat premise.

11. Time & Temp - A sci-fi game developed by the creator of Dread and Dread House? YES! Somehow I had missed this all this time, but I want to run it so bad. It's the first book that really tripped my trigger.

12. Wild Talents Second Edition - Progenitor and Kerebros Club - two amazing looking settings for Wild Talents. Now I've got the core I may take another look at the source books.


  1. I know your list only includes the top 12 (and I probably would have made similar picks), but let's not forget Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road. Yes, I wrote it, but it's a fun game and worth checking out.

  2. Hey, I'm totally up for trying something new. I wouldn't call my list a "top" 12 - just the games that grabbed me right away because I had heard a lot about them. I'll make sure to give Adventures of Oz another look.


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