Friday, August 6, 2010

Gamers for Humanity - Fanastic Charity and Fantastic Opportunity

Here's a quick post from Indy that happens to be quite time-sensitive. Gamers for Humanity, a charity by gamers and made to help gamers (and others) that began as a reaction to Hurricane Katrina, is hosting the Mythic Party Contest. Among many other perks, the main attraction is Keith Baker, designer of Eberron and many, many other Wizards products, has created a custom scenario and six lucky players and 1 assistant GM will be chosen to play this one-time, totally unique game. Fat Dragon, a company whose products we adore, will be building the dungeon with their 3d terrain.

The event happens tomorrow (Saturday) night ad is available to those attending Gencon Indy 2010. We'll have a longer write-up about our conversation with the folks at Gamers for Humanity, but we wanted to make sure people were aware that this was happening. You have to go enter your bid here to see if you've got the wallet to help your fellow gamers and secure your spot in this onece-in-a-lifetime game.

Please spread the word. Gamers for Humanity does great stuff and, as a total perk side effect, they do a lot of great stuff that helps change the image of the gaming community, one volunteer at a time.

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