Thursday, July 1, 2010

Roll The Dice - 7/1/10

We've got links here! FRESH LINKS! Here's some great stuff for you to check out for those of you unlucky enough to be at work this fourth of July weekend. My main goal in life is to basically hurt your productivity. I'd like to think that we accomplished a post that'll do a great job of that this week.

I freaking love these new Pulp City figures. We demo'd the game at Gencon a couple of years ago and it was fun enough, but we couldn't justify a new mini game. These are the ones who could bring me back to the fold.

Rackham's got a summer sale until early August. You know, if saving money on groovy mini's is your thing.

Did you know that D&D is cool and underground now? This cute, pale hipster chick from USA Today has declared it so. We. Are. Vindicated.

Arc Dreams has been making some amazing stuff and now they're bringing back one of the bestest Cthulhu published items out there. Yay!

I am Fantasy Flight's little pawn in the great scheme of gaming. Their siren call beckons me to return for Halloween Cthulhu-ish events!

Speaking of FFG, Battles of Westeros is out! Just go get it alright! OR you could also check out our coverage from way back when.

This week's Noble Knight swag? The Burning of Derricksburg Battle Pack for Warhammer: Invasion. It's the first battle pack that nets you three copies of each card and saves you a ton of cash. Way To Go FFG!

I finally found the mini I'm going to use for Cass Nine Feathers, my character for our Serenity game starting on Friday. Rex, Dark Future Badass.

My favorite discussion at this week? White Wolf announces books! Books they're actually going to produce! Not new books exactly, but sort of! Excitement! (Today's picture is the one I'm most excited for - Mirrors - how can you not love alternate realities?)

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