Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Note from Above.

Looks like we met two neat-o milestones today. We got to 32,000 views since we started counting in February (awesome) and we just got our 130th follower (also awesome)! You all have no idea how much it helps to see that people are actually reading the blog and we hope to continue to provide you all the random stuff we have been moving forward! We haven't even been around for a year yet and it feels like we're off to a really great start. If you're newer to the blog, please make sure to check all of our fancy labels to the left here, you may find something useful!

Thanks Y'all!

-The Hopeless Teamers

P.S. This time, instead of a threatening red panda, I decided to post an adorable one. No real reason, we just really like Red Pandas!

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