Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free RPG Day - What I am looking forward to the most Part One

My top five items that I am looking forward to on Free RPG day are, in no particular order,

Deathwatch Adventure from FFG. I am really looking forward to how FFG is going to work with an RPG in the Warhammer 40k universe. I am also interested in how much this game will draw from the Warhammer Fantasy RPG recently redone by FFG. I know this item is only an adventure, but I will take what insight into the universe I can get. (10 per box)

Q-Workshop die. I love high quality dice and Q-Workshop does not disappoint. The only caution I have with these dice is to make sure that you if you buy from Q-Workshop, you buy dice that you can easily read. Some of their dice are very difficult to read due to the incredible amount of detail on the die. (10 per box)

Age of Cthulhu Adventure by Goodman Games. I am a big fan of Goodman games in general. They are one of the few companies to take on and present third party material for D&D 4e. Now, I am interested in taking a closer look at their Call of Cthulhu adventure line. As of right now, that line has three modules out and I will pick them up or not based on how I feel about this sample. (5 per box)

Castle and Crusades Quickstart by Troll Lord Games. I have always been interested in looking at an old school rpg or "retroclone," but I never wanted to pay to just review the rules. Hopefully this game will give me a good look into this popular style of game by Troll Lord Games. (5 per box)

Dark Sun adventure by Wizards of the Coast
. I know very little about the Dark Sun world other than it is BRUTAL. I love that style of play. I hope that players will actually feel like they might not survive. I have read some comments about the previous Dark Sun campaign setting and am very interested in how well it will (or won't) work with 4e. (15 per box)

Come back tomorrow for The Hopeless Gamer's top 5 Free RPG day picks!


  1. Err, aren't Dark Heresy and Rouge Trader set in the Warhammer 40k universe?

    Myself, I'm looking forward to the new Dark Sun, and I'm not all that crazy about 4e... go figure ;)

    C&C is a fun game... if you miss out on it on Free RPG Day, I believe they have it available as a free download on RPGNow

  2. The Prime Directive Quick Start should be interesting, as well. :)

    With Regards,

  3. I think what TheBro meant was dealing with this specific topic. Since Deathwatch is the long-sought Space Marine RPG, we're pretty excited that the kind of characters we actually want to play are going to be playable :)

    Make sure to come back tomorrow for my picks. Don't be surprised to see a little bit of crossover!


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