Thursday, May 27, 2010

Roll The Dice - 5/27/10

Time for Leenks! Many Good Leenks for your Holiday Weekend! You'll notice that this makes the site just a little more patriotic! Enjoy!

I don't know why you wouldn't just buy the whole thing, but it's just completely f'ing cool that they sell the chapters individually as well.

I'm not afraid of how nerdy it makes me to admit how nostalgic I'm now feeling as a result of this Power Rangers retrospective.

Speaking of Power Rangers, now that we have Voltron, where's my Mega and/or Dragon Zords?!

I'm still obsessed with Red Dead Redemption. Because of this, I'm terrified of coming across any of these horrifying glitches

I got this for $8.95 and have read a little bit of it. The verdict: I want to run a Malazan game with it, something I never thought I could do for NINE BUCKS! Review hopefully coming in the future.

If you'd rather run an old classic instead of a modern one like Malazan, there's always this thread on running a Middle-Earth campaign on

This past week the Gamer Wife and I were in Chicago to see Conan's traveling show (holy crap amazing, we got to touch him!) and stopped by the fantastic Chicago Comics on the way home. Highly recommended! 

They call him Mr. Pig, or something... 

Just because I really dig the RPG's and board games for Warhammer now doesn't mean I have even the remotest interest in their minia - oh my, full color rulebook *drool*

Puritan vs. Pirate Batman, who wins!? Trick question: Cowboy Batman's got the fastest draw of the West - side of Gotham City. 

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