Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green Ronin to Release DC Adventures RPG Books

Yeah, I stole the title for this post from Green Ronin's own site, wanna make something of it? While you're busy whining about how lame I am with my post titles, us adults are going to talk about how cool it is that we get to play as the Flash and Plastic Man with a modern ruleset. Now, contrary to my Twitter background, I'm really more of a Marvel guy myself.

Maybe it's because I'm a Marvel guy, but I've always found their heroes to be easier to replicate with traditional Supers RPG rules. It probably also has something to do with the fact that Superman and Green Lantern are both DC characters and are just practically impossible to create in a balanced sense for systems with any real crunch. Regardless, if I wanted to play an adventuring game as the Fantastic Four or a super-spy game staring Nick Fury and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., there are a lot of systems out there I could use.

This is where my excitement over a new DC comics game comes in. I have to imagine, much like other games covering the big two in the past, we'll get tons and tons of statted-out characters from Jimmy Olsen to Darkseid. Sure it's not needed, but definitive, official versions of these characters will stop any complaints/arguments right in their tracks before they can turn to flames. Shouldn't we all be happy when there's something out there that actually reduces arguing on the internet? I think so.

Considering the release schedule, we probably won't get too many NPC's in the first book, DC Adventures Hero's Handbook when it's released at Gencon. The follow-up books, Heroes & Villains volumes One and Two should give us every last Legionnaire we could want to see statted-out for our home game. It'll be interesting to see how this game differs from its engine - Mutants & Masterminds - as well. My biggest question with the new announcement? Are we going to get mass-combat rules so we can recreate the War of the Lights and Blackest Night?

I'll leave you with this, one of Plastic Man's crowning moments that can be found in Grant Morrison's classic JLA run:

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