Thursday, May 6, 2010

Delve - A simple Fantasy Print and Play

I am going to be writing more regular posts on making your own print and play games and add ons/ improvements to other games. To get things started, I picked out one of the easiest to make projects out there, Delve the Dice Game. This game is a fun, single player game that you can basically take anywhere with you. My copy of delve:

All you really need to do is print out the rules and one or more of the adventures, grab six d6 dice and a pencil. I did very little beyond the basics with my copy. I printed out the two adventures on card stock and then laminated the adventures and a copy of the rules. Instead of a pencil, I use a dry erase marker so that I can either play the adventure again or simply erase the marks and let a friend borrow the game. Unlike my copy of Zombie In My Pocket, I decided not to make a box for this game as you can slide the pages into a folder or bag very easily along with the dice and marker. You could also cut the dice out completely if you have a dice roller on your cell phone.

Don't forget to check out next week where I take the next step in print and plays to a slightly more complex game.

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