Saturday, May 1, 2010

And the Wanting Comes in Waves... a recap of FCBD 2010

Decemberists lyrics aside, this was a nice-but-quick Free Comic Book Day. We attended FCBD at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI. Pretty much since I've known about FCBD, Westfield has been our go-to comic shop to celebrate it. I've always been really impressed by their gigantic selection of trade paperbacks/hardcovers and the entire store is lined with the latest issues of anything you could want. They're the best in Madison or really south central WI at large. In the past they've had a great deal on FCBD that gives you a good discount on a single trade or even your whole purchase. That wasn't the case today, but I ended up buying a trade anyway (Buffy Volume 6: Retreat). It was so hard not buying hundred of dollars of trades since their selection is so massive, and there's so much good stuff out there! Luckily after we left the shop, I felt pretty good to survive this year's FCBD having only spent $16.00. Watch out next year! Oh, also, TheBro's really been aggressively getting into Comics a lot lately and picked up several trades which I very much look forward to reading when he is done with them!

I ended up picking up four of my top five picks, replacing Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock for the DC Kids Sampler for my 6 year-old nephew since he couldn't come with us today. The Little Sis pickes up Mouse Guard, so I'll still be able to read it.

My favorite bit that I read so far was the short story in the Atomic Robo special. Having never read any Robo before, I was really blown away by the dialogue and am now very eager to start collecting the trades for this series. I'm kinda instantly falling in love with Robo here as, just like I hoped, he's a bit like Hellboy, but on steroids. He's incredibly sarcastic and tough as nails. He also is probably too smart for his own good. The only drawback of this very short story is that you didn't get a feel at all for the supporting cast. It'll be interesting to see if they can live up to Robo's metric ton of robotic sass. I know for sure I'll be picking up the first volume of Atomic Robo to find out (and you can too by clicking the Amazon link below).

Hope everyone got a chance to check out their local FCBD comic shop (I know a bunch of people in Madison did because Westfield Comics was hoppin'!). Next week we'll be back to your regularly scheduled gaming programming!

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