Thursday, April 29, 2010

TheBro's Top Five Comics to Snag at FCBD

The Hopeless gamer and I have many similar tastes when it comes to comic books, but we also have some interesting differences. For as long as I can remember, he has been a big fan of the Green Lantern; so you can imagine his excitement over recent DC events. I am a big Batman fan where he would choose Spiderman. I correctly picked his choice of Atomic Robo and Friends and Mouseguard as making his list. Fortunately, none of our top fives is on the other person's list so we will have a good chance at getting a number of different comics even if we are limited to how many we can pick up. Now, my top five (in no real particular order truth be told):

The Cover on this one is enoug hto make me interested on its own. I guess this is the reason I am the one running the Call of Cthulhu campaign and reading a lot of horror lately. I am also curious about whether their new "format" will have bigger books for bigger value. I tend to buy most of my comics as trades, but would be willing to look into any of the four titles in this preview compendium that catch my eye if they live up to this promised value. Also, any one paragraph blurb that mentions Snakes on a Plane, Wesley Snipes and Band of Brothers requires my review of that material if for nothing other than the odd factor
I hate trying to remember how to spell "Iron Man." I always want it to be one word. I chose this comic for #4 because I love the recent Iron Man movies and Nova was in one of the first comic books I received as a kid. I am also interested in reading more about "The Invincible Iron Man" that will be a new direction for Tony Stark following his self imposed amnesia with a possible new, organic suit. Also, it looks like this comic happens in space, and part of me loves old school space fighting comics.

The concept of this series is very intriguing, the world's greatest hero becomes the world's greatest villain. Does he ponder his plans while his arch nemesis is tied to a log moving towards the saw that is supposed to kill him but never will? Probably not. Aparently this comic has a great run and a separate, related series, "Incorruptible." I really enjoy looking at the darker sides of things as you can probably tell by now. (Make a sanity check?)

I took a class in undergrad based solely on the stories of Hans Christian Andersen. Fairy tales and fables can often be very dark, but this book promises to be a humorous take on these tales. I also really like Fables (I own 13 trades of fables and am interested in looking into Jack of Fables as well). A new/different take on fairy tales and fables is almost always of interest to me. I especially like to see how certain less savory parts of some of the stories are altered to coincide with modern sensibilities. (Like the great tale of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)

I haven't looked at Top Cow books since I was an undergard (a number of years now) and I am interested to see where the universe has gone. I also love the word "Artifacts" and the concept that somehow all of the various cool "things" in their universe are connected or similar. Depending on how this comic reads, I may end up picking up a lot of stuff to fill in the blanks since my fairly early comic reading career. I also really like where some of the company's other than the mainstream DC and Marvel have gone in recent comic book history and hope that I can say the same about Top Cow.

That's it eveyone. Have a great free comic book day. I am sure that we will be writing about some great surprises we find and possibly some very disappointing books from our Top 5 lists.

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