Sunday, April 18, 2010

c2e2 Propworx Iron Man Auction Preview!

So we survived our one day of c2e2 yesterday, and I have to say that I was deeply impressed by this convention. There's going to be a more proper write-up of the interviews, observations, and overall experience of c2e2 (hint: it's pretty much all strongly positive!), but for now I just wanted to give a shout out to Propworx and their Iron Man prop and costume auction that's going to be happening later today only at c2e2. Before getting into more details I wanted to thank Shelley at Propworx for giving us permission to use images from Propworx as well as being very encouraging to small press guys like myself. Thanks Shelley! Propworx are the folks responsible for the epic Battlestar Galactica auction that was able to get pretty much every costume, prop gun, and crimped-corner piece of paper that appeared on the show to the fans.

Ok, on with the info!

First things first - it is quite possible and important to note that you can not only bid online for items at c2e2 today, but yes, there's even an iphone app for that. So keep this in mind while your searching the online catalog for that must-have RT Unit (which we were told that, yes, these do all light up on their own!) or  Pepper Pott's gorgeous evening gown from the first movie, you can win it this afternoon without having to be in Chicago.

Some highlights for the auction this afternon:

Tony Stark's Pinstripe Suit - not only is his suit available, but you also could get your hands on the after-suit, you know the one where is was all bloody? I'm just saying, some fun cosplay experiences are available here for someone who picks up both...

Stark Industries Wetbar - This thing was on display and it was huge. This is probably the coolest possible wetbar anyone could have anywhere. If I had the cash and a cool place to put it, I would definitely pick this up as a result of desperately needing a badass wetbar :D.

Crushed Mark III Helmet and Armor - There are quite a lot of amazing pieces of Iron Man armor, not the least of which is the ginormous Iron Monger torse/helmet piece, but out of all of them, I have some perverse preference for the crushed armor that appeared at the end of the first movie. As a result of the above Iron Monger's fight with Iron Man, you can practically see the handprint left behind as he pulled Tony Stark's helmet right off his face. I love the movie Iron Man armor, but this has some real character and would be a really great piece to display.

The auction starts today at 11:00 AM Central time. You should also check out the auction catalog which essentially is a gorgeous art/prop book for your coffee table highlighting all the items available today. You should check it out to order online here.

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