Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Warhammer: Invasion the Empire and High Elves!

I'm a little behind on the releases of my own articles on Eye of the Vortex, which is of course quite embarassing. I intend to amend that! You can check out my article on the Empire here and the High Elves here. I had a lot of fun writing these articles and examining the current state of the game. I'm hoping to have the rest of the faction articles (Orcs, Chaos, and Dark Elves) up soon as well.

The other exciting thing thing about Warhammer is the recent release of The Deathmaster's Dance battle pack this past weekend. I'm not going to do a full review of the set, I'm probably going to save that format for Eye of the Vortex, but there are some awesome cards I just have to talk.

To start out, I have to admit that I was a little blown away by the very first card of the set: Mountain Legion. They're one cost, one strength, and one life... and one toughness. Go read my Dwarves article on EoV to see why exactly toughness is so awesome, but the real shocker here is that you get three of these bad boys in just one pack. For those of us buying only one, this is awesome. Orcz also get their first toughness with the Iron Boyz, but they're three cost and three life with their lowly one power. I can't really see it getting a lot of play.

My love for Counterstrike makes me really excited for Ulric's Fury. It's a two cost tactic that gives each of your defending characters Counterstrike 1. This is also a 3 count card for one battle pack. Just excellent tactic overall that could be used in pretty much every deck. It's only really trumped by the Chaos tactic Offering of Blood. For zero cost, you sacrifice one of your units (preferably the tiniest one on the field) and deal one damage to each section of each opponent's capital. Not only is this a super powerful ability in straight head-to-head games, but in multiplayer games it will be deadly. This, of course, also points to the creation of multiplayer rules, which is really a big gap for the current game as it exists today. I think this battle pack brings the most bang-for-your-buck of the packs yet - it would definitely be my recommendation for a follow-up purchase to the core set.

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