Thursday, March 4, 2010

Game Auctions

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the collectible game portion of the 52nd game auction at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL. I have never attended this auction before and it was definitely an interesting experience. Games Plus is a pretty neat store overall. The storefront is somewhat misleading as to the size of the store.

(image from Games Plus' website) At first glance, the store appears to be just a small corner game shop. Once you enter the store you realize that, while it is definetely narrow, it goes back a long ways. The shop carries a wide variety of board games from euros to american games, plus tons of rpgs, minis and gaming accessories. The auction is held in the openning gaming area off to the back right of the store. My number for the auction was 57, and I was not the last person to register. I assume then that there were about 60-70 registered numbers. We all fit easily into the auction area along with all of the collictible items up for sale.

We arrived at the store about 6:40 and took some time to look at the items up for auction before wandering the store. Once the auction started, it moved very quickly. This night of the auction went until just after 9:30. During that time we saw many different games from Magic to Lord of the Rings and some more obscure CCGs/TCGs to Wizkids minis and D&D minis. There were more lots of D&D minis and Mechwarrior minis than anything else this time. Some people got
some very good deals on a large number of items. I personally spent $28 for:

(all photos from Most of the money I spent ($18) was for the Warhammer Invasion complete base game. I was looking to pick up another set to have multiples of some of the cards and this opportunity was too good to plass up. After that I won a large box filled with Chizo, a game I had wanted to try, for $3. Next I won two small lots of Anachronism for a total of $3. Finally, I won 8 sealed starters of Hecatomb for $4. The Hecatomb will be played at a game night in the near future for kicks as it was only $0.50/starter.
Hopeless and I will be heading down on Saturday for the RPG/Sci-Fi Fantasy Boardgame day of the auction.
One of my favorite activities at GenCon is the three day long game auction. Whenever we need a break or have a little donw time we like to head over to the auction. This auction is probably the best place to buy everything from the extremely common to the ultra rare. The amount of money some people pay during the collectible auction is amazing. People fly over from Great Britain and other parts of the world mainly to attend the game auction and get a shot at the super rare items. I have had great luck both buying and selling at GenCon. It is nice getting some extra money on Sunday beforfe one last run through the dealers hall. I hope to see you there.
Check out this site for a list of game auctions. You can also check out how much stuff sold for for the last eight GenCons on the same site.

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