Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stark Forces for Battles of Westeros

Here we've got the other half of the starter detailed including the heroes, Maege Mormont, Eddard Stark, Greatjon Umber, Rickard Karstark and Robb Stark as well as the common units, including a really nice looking kennel master and hounds (wolves?). Again these characters are all very military-oriented in the novels, so we're seeing a version of BattleLore with little or no magic or magical creatures. Go ahead and click for a bigger picture and details.

These pictures are rather huge and take a ton of time to upload, so I'll be back later to post some more pictures (basically the rest of the box). Also as a feature article tonight or tomorrow my younger sister who was in attendance at the Grand Opening of the Event Center has agreed to write a girl's perspective on the Event Center, so check back for that too!

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