Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boardgame Day! The Adventurers and Cash N Guns

I came home to a fantastic email from The Bro - our big board game online order came in today and will thus be available to play friday night! Woo! I'm pretty excited because I was finally able to get a couple of games that I've been wanting since Gencon last year but couldn't justify at the price or the time when there were so many other things I wanted to buy. Alas, I finally will own my own copy of The Adventurers and Cash N Guns!

What's interesting here is that, I realized after listening to some board game podcasts - specificlly On Board Games - I don't own that many actual board games. I know how to play a bunch of board games and there's a bunch of board games I'd like to own, but I probably own less than 20 actual board games. Amongst my favorites would be Tide of Iron, Doom, and Dust. I don't own much else to be honest. I think the fact the The Bro owns a good selection has always masked my own inferior collection. This is something I have decided to consciously change. I was even more stoked when he mentioned he wanted anyone in The Group looking to pick up a game to go in together on a big online order and get free shipping.

I decided to take the opportunity and, like I said above, pick up some games I've really been eyeing. I also discussed ideas with The Wife before deciding what we should get. It's one thing that I only have a couple of games in my own collection, but it's even worse that, outside of Risk, my wife's not particularly interested in playing any of them. Cash N Guns was a sure thing since it was at Gencon The Wife and I demo'd it with a group of strangers and had a blast. It was too expensive at the show, but we couldn't help but imagine how much fun it would be with friends and family. Alternatively, I had my eye on The Adventurers and knew it was something my wife could get in to. It's a nice traditional board game that should feel more familiar to family board gamers (those who buy stuff you could find in Toys R Us, for example). It also looks like a ton of fun with the 3-d components. This was another expenive one from the manufacturer that became affordable with cheap online deals.

I'm not here to get into the debate of supporting your Friendly Local Gaming Shop (FLGS) versus buying cheap online (that's probably a conversation for a different time). All I know is that I would want as many people as possible to play my game as long as they paid for it somehow, so I don't have any guilt here, just a couple of awesome new board games!

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