Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Year after Ragnarok

It looks like I almost missed this awesome announcement on Atomic Overmind's site about both the success and the future releases of Day After Ragnarok! I'm excited to say that we're going to be getting a lot of new supplements to expand DAR games throughout the year. I know we've already got the Tehran: Nest of Spies source book (which is awesome at only $7.95 for what looks like a ton of adventures), but this new announcement is really going to legitimize DAR as a setting for now and the future. I have to say that I love how they keep doing maps for their products to really flesh out all the important parts of each city. You can see by the image I used for this post that Tehran alone has a huge amount of locations to explore and incorporate into your game sessions.

2010's going to bring us several new setting-specific sourebooks like Tehran, and it looks like we get a good variety by looking at sample settings for each of the major continents. These look nice, but the real exciting book in my mind will be Behind the Curtain: The Soviet Sourcebook. It's planned as a Gencon release (exciting!), and with it's last detail - a plot-point based campaign "Objective: Science City 14!" I think I may have found the McGuffin I've been looking for that drives me players East from California towards the Serpent Curtain and beyond. Of course it won't stay a McGuffin long as I finally pick the book up and find out just why my players need to get to Science City 14 so badly!

That's it for now! My other big project besides planning my DAR campaign and first Savage Worlds session is reading the Warhammer Fantasy RPG rulebooks and begin my work on a multi-part review for Eye of the Vortex. Speaking of which, there may be more announcements regarding EoV in the future, so stay tuned!

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