Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So many games!

Just a quick couple of updates. I posted this thread here on the rpg.net forums to get some advice and assistance in planning my first Savage Worlds adventure. I'm thinking I'll be doing some character creation with the group friday night amongst whatever else we end up doing (it's kind of fast and loose for the time being). I really like the feedback I received there and will definitely be using the tools they provided to makemy game run smoother. I'm getting excited!

I just started reading the first big hardcover of Tom Strong. I just got through the first issue and believe I've found the final piece of inspiration for my Genius: The Transgression character. I like his family and how awesome he is. He's an inventor, so that's a plus, but he's not totally balls-out crazy, also a plus!

What else? Oh right! Eye of the Vortex just published my review of the Deadlands and Steampunk sets of dice from Q-Workshop. They are pretty much the fanciest dice not made from mammoth bone out there to get, so read the review and find out why! Check the article for pictures and links for the dice. In other EoV news I also just wrote up a huge beast of an article discussing the merits of Warhammer: Invasion LCG that should be up in the next week on the site. I plan on writing more articles and really expanding EoV's coverage of the game since there's not a lot of sites out there covering it. I'll keep you updated!

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