Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Gaming 12/18/09 - Eladrin Wizard Tanking Edition.

It was a short night for FNG, but I still feel like we accomplished a lot. In reality, we did not, but the most important thing is that we all had fun. What I mean to say is that we only really completed one encounter for our D&D game. Samiriel Burnal did swimmingly as an off tank to our elf paladin, I must say. We met level 10 at the end of our last session, so I leveled my character up today before we played. I took the level 10 utility power of Mirror Images. It's awesome and gives me +6 AC for a couple of rounds. Good stuff. More importantly I feel like I'm expanding my role in the group. Obviously I'm a controller, and every once in a while I can pull out some damage like a striker (although not often), but lately I've definitely been acting more and more like an off-tank. It's pretty fun to be able to fly in the face of my traditional genre stereotype of soft and squishy, no-good-in-combat, cloth-wearing wizard.

In other news we played some more Incan Gold. I actually won a game! I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I like playing more conservatively in the beginning and feeling forced to stay in later on in order to win. For some reason the desperation of having to face my perils later on or assure my defeat is somehow pleasing to me. Super bizzare, but whatev.

In other other news, I recently procured a copy of Wild Talents: Essential Edition. The price is just so nice at $10.00. I have zero experience with supers RPG's, and I've heard great things. I also have no experience with the One Roll Engine, or O.R.E. Both of these factors lead me to wanting to try this out. I've only read a tiny bit so far, but what I've read I like. I understand a little bit now why the O.R.E. is appealing - it's name is indicative of a quick play style suited for flashy action games. I'm also pretty stoked to figure out that a supplement I've heard great things about - The Kerberos Club - is in fact a supplement for Wild Talents. This is completely coincidental and just keeps banging away at the value I feel I've gotten for the tiny price. Quite awesome.

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