Monday, December 21, 2009

Because I don't have enough going on I give you: The Hoplite

The idea of a twitter account that is a dedicated, ongoing story struck me today and I did a little bit of research. Turns out that this kind of little piece at a time novel is a big hit in Japan, of course. Anyway, there have been a handful of attempts in the States, but nothing's taken off. To call it a trend would be gross exaggeration. This means it's still relatively new, yay!

So, here's my idea, I'm going to write an ongoing super hero adventure of an original creation of my own: The Hoplite. He's a modern day hero with an ancient origin, or something. Haven't really figured out the whole backstory, but I'm going to be telling his story through Twitter. I figure it'll be something fun to do while I'm at work and could be enjoyable for others to read at their own places of employment as well!

Follow it here:

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