Monday, October 19, 2009

Call of Cthulhu Card Game - Dead, but Sleeping

FFG posted a spoiler for their next Asylum Pack for their Call of Cthulhu "Living Card Game." Just recently, about two weeks ago I was itching to get my CoC on again, and it must have been serendipitous, but THE BRO asked if I would be interested in putting together a couple of decks to play. We both collected the CCG back in the day when Fantasy Flight was first releasing it and I still hold that it's the best game of its kind to have been created.

We were heavily into the game, both competitively and flavorwise. Must like all ways we've gotten into games, we were ass-backwards. We spent years playing CoC the card game before ever trying out the role playing game, and to me the CCG is always going to be more imaginative and exciting than any RPG adventure or session could ever be; even as fun as Chaosium's role playing game can be.

I don't suppose anyone's still interested in what we're playing decks-wise, but I have to give THE BRO a heads-up because we're playing in two days, and I have three spanking new decks that will hopefully give him a run for his money, or at least hopefully will work a little:

1. Hastur/Miskatonic deck that focuses heavily on sanity and discard from hand effects. Lots of oddball draw from this deck too. May not be competitive but entropy will have its way with you!

2. Miskatonic/Syndicate/Agency deck that focuses on having Avatars of Nyralthrotep (no hope I spelled that correctly). Little more traditional with some fun with rituals for flavor.

3. Straight Yog-Soggoth deck that works with night and arcane challenges. Yog always felt like the faction I ignored and couldn't wrap my mind around. I could imagine a single faction deck for each of the six other factions, but Yog was always a mystery. Ya gotta start somewhere, and here I am.

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