Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night Gaming 9/18/09 - Like a Razor/I Got a Knife!

(Picture of Admiral Cain here borrowed from Unreality, don't click the link if you haven't finished BSG!)

So last night was pretty much dominated by the new Battlestar Galactica boardgame expansion, Pegasus. Battlestar Galactica is the best boardgame ever and you should play it if you've never played it before. Whether or not your a fan of the show, the gameplay is like an interesting and exciting version of Diplomacy (which is not fun and is just evil).

ANYWAY, Pegasus really transformed the game. It was like playing the original game all over again with the humans feeling like unpredictable things were going to be thrown at them and they were teetering on failure with every crisis that came up. I was dealt a Cylon loyalty card from the get-go which hasn't happened to me for a long time, but I was pretty excited: the Cylons get some fun new gadgets and strategies with the expansion, plus I was Admiral Cain, and Cylon admirals are the best admirals (and Cylons for that matter). I only get green and purple skill cards as Cain and made a mistake early on in the game. The crisis card required green skill cards. My goal was to play as a human for most of the game, sabotaging and such as much as I could. When I threw in two purple skill cards to the skill challenge (which would hurt the humans' efforts, not help), I was a little freaked, but luckily no one pursued that thread too hard. I was, however, under suspicion.

The game moved along and the humans kept getting battered. I was brigged, unjustly, might I add, and we finally got to New Caprica, where the fun really begins. The New Caprica phase really creates a strong feel of the corresponding episodes of the series, and the game ends reinacting my favorite episode of all time, Exodus, Pt. 2. Giant space battles while the human resistance is trying to launch civilian ships away from the Cylon occupation forces is awesome, that's all I'm saying. The only real lacking part (which may not be lacking, we didn't look at every possible crisis card) was a way to sacrifice Pegasus to get a military advantage in this fight. Oh well.

The game ended in a draw after we all thought Cylons ran the humans out of fuel, a resource that makes the humans lose if it goes to zero. We all threw our cards in, but then remembered that they shouldn't have lost fuel that turn because of an earlier card played. It would have been my turn, and we would have destroyed the remaining Viper fighters to take out the civilian fleet, so the Cylons would have won anyway, but it was a good learning experience anyway. Can't wait to play again.

We ended the night with a quick game of Cosmic Encounters. I like Cosmic Encounters quite a bit. There's something about the game that keeps things interesting even when it's not your turn, and the variety each game offered by the plethora of different race options is quite welcomed. I understand that the original edition had several expansions, and I can't wait to see if FFG releases more for this game. Oh, and I didn't win, but it was still fun!

It was a board game night for the group. We won't be starting Eberron for at least two weeks, so I may ask the group next week if they want to play another game of 3:16: Carnage Amongst the Stars. I was starting to write a review based on our one game, but I thought it would be helpful to get another play experience under my belt as I felt like my aliens last time were rather teethless. I want to try a game that will be much more brutal in the future, so here's hoping.

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