Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday Night Gaming 9/11/09 - The Late Edition

So, this is obviously not Friday night, but doesn't matter cause I have had an incredibly busy weekend and this is the first breath I've gotten to take to actually post something.

We didn't have anything planned for this friday other than bumming around a bit on some board games. After our fun tuesday night game of Tide of Iron, I decided to bring it to the group to give a shot. Normally a two player game, there are rules for four players, and I thought I could kind of run the game GM-style to look up rules and help keep the pace going of the game. I feel like the first couple of times playing could really use this kind of non-player participant to help keep the games going quickly and keep the players thinking about strategy as opposed to piddly little rules and phase order/actions.

It went pretty well. The BRO and Mike played the Gerry's and were able to hold off the American players from taking all the tactical buildings due to a crucial choke point and one heroic Nat-zi machine gunner (picture above is a poster for Nation's Pride, the film-within-a-film in Inglorious Basterds, taken from here). Lessons we've learned so far:

1. It's easier to play the defender, at least when you don't know all the rules and the pace of the game earlier on.

2. When playing as the side that has to assault a fixed position, it's important to spend early turns moving as much of your force into a position where they can assault together with lots of combined fire. It's tempting to get these fast moving transports out front, but with only three units activated a turn (and only 8 turns to win it all), get your guys up together and hit those concealed machine gunners with lots of shooters.

After ToI finished up, we really started to figure out our group and our character concepts for our upcoming Eberron campaign which should start a few weeks out. We decided at this point that only one or two sessions to test your character out to make sure it plays like you want it to, then you're committed, which is exciting, imo. The BRO and I are both looking at Eladrin characters (artificier for him, wizard reskinned as gunmage for me), and we decided we wanted at least our characters to have a lot of history together.

Eberron's a rough place to be an Eladrin because your hometown, which use to go back and forth between the horrors of Eberron and wondrous wonderlands of the Feywild. Since the destruction of Cyre, our specific Feyspire (or Eladrin city/tower thing), Shae Joridal, or City of the Emerald Lights is stuck beseiged in the middle of goblin lands. We've been sent out as envoys together to try to petition other kingdoms and adventurers to come back and help use break the seige and actually be proactive in hunting down those dirty goblins and making Shae Joridal a safe place again for all 2,600 eladrin that live there. Should be cool! More to come!

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