Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bru-haha finito!

I'm pretty sure neither of the words in the title for this entry are actually words. Regardless, what I mean to say is that things have returned to normal (more or less) around here and this coming week should be just like all the glorious ones that have come before it, for the blog that is.

I wanted to sit down and write something today about Warmachine. I love the universe of the Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine/Hordes. Privateer Press exploded on the scene several years ago now, and I've been following their progress from a tiny company with two little starters for a wargame (Cygnar and Proctectorate of Menoth) and one d20 adventure module (The Witchfire Trilogy). They've since released a whole line of d20 books, five+ factions for the wargame as well as a sister game, Hordes, a collectible mini's game, and non-collectible card game. Oh, and they have a video game in the works as well as a hobby line that, from my understanding is doing very well reaching into the paints and hobby supplies markets.

I love the concepts presented in the Warmachine/Hordes books and Iron Kingdoms world. If it were up to me, I would have them release an entire line of 4th edition compatible Iron Kingdoms book so we could play D&D with warcasters and warbeasts. It is not up to me, but recent news has really gotten my attention. Evidently Privateer is developing an original RPG line for their Iron Kingdoms setting. It probably won't be out for years as they appear to be working on it in their spare time (which I doubt they really have much of), but I'm still anticipating it down the line. Who knows? Maybe it'll be the "Next Big Thing" at Gencon 2013, I bet I'd still be interested even then.

Until then, Privateer is letting up on the new releases and neat new products. The Retribution of Scyrah, the fifth warmachine faction and the first new one since the original game was released just debuted at Gencon. I resisted the urge to pick anything up at Gencon, but I'm close now to buying their army book. Even if I don't pick up a single Retribution mini (which I doubt, in all honesty, that I will be able to pass them all up), Privateer packs their books full of value, so I'm thinking Noble Knight Games has a copy for me sitting on their shelf right now. I already have a shooty army, Cygnar, but the Retribution stuff seems to offer new options and a completely different flavor of range weapons.

Beyond that, there are still two, even more recent big pieces of news. The first is that they just released the actually rules and finalized stat cards for Warmachine Mark II. This rules update presents a fantastic time to get back into Warmachine for The BRO and I, and I am extremely excited. Just two days after this announcement they announced that their out of print RPG line, the Iron Kingdoms, will now be available to purchase through .pdf download. I don't actually anticipating buying anything for now as I know I don't have a group that has time to run an Iron Kingdoms game, but I recommend these books as some of the best fluff available right now for gaming. This news is exceptional as well because the books are very costly on the secondary market. They're extremely rare, compared to other more recent books, and their availability through .pdf download is great news and another example of how the internet is going to keep enhancing gaming rather than making it obsolete. It's a tool, I tell you!

In other news, I finally finished the second book in the Malazan Books of the Fallen series, Deadhouse Gates, and it was superb. More than anything I want a setting or game for the Malazan series. Fantastic, original, non elf/dwarf/orc (really) fantasy stories that are beyond epic in plot and scale. I've started up on the third book and it has not disappointed at all. I want my 29th level Eladrin Wizard (or maybe a Dal Honese Cadre Mage drawing upon the Meanas Warren?) taking on a Jaghut Tyrant with my allies and squadmates. Just typing that out was a thrill for me. I know Erikson based the books on his D&D setting, and I just want some company (or hey, I'm looking for a writing/game design job *wink*) to make the full circle and generate a Malazan RPG.

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