Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Announcements

1. Still taking requests for my Gencon Action Blog! picture posting. So far I will be covering as much as I can of the following (thanks to those of you that requested here or on other forums where I've talked about this):

White Wolf - Geist stuff
Arc Dreams Booth
Any of the LARPs- Terrorworks, the zombie one
Green Ronin
Goodman Games
Any cool miniatures displays or big ass wargames
costume contest or cool costumes in general
Any new shit at WOTC
Cubicle 7 booth
Ennie Awards
FFG booth - specifically if there's any news on next year's 40k game
Catalyst Labs - Leviathan, Shadorun, CthuluTech
Fantasy Craft

If you want me to check out something that's not on the list, let me know! Also if you would like to second or third something, I'll know that I really should deliver the goods on that particular request, so don't be afraid to request something already on the list.

2. This is really an announcement about an upcoming announcement, but hey, if Privateer Press can do it, so can I! I should have something in the next week or two about a reader incentive to get people to check out the blog. Think "free giveaway" and you're half way there. I'm still working out the details and what will actually be up for grabs, but check back and you may be pleasantly surprised!


So I only promised two, but yeah, I'm good enough to provide the third announcement for free! I plan on doing an in-depth review of Geist: The Sin-Eaters, White Wolf's new game being released at Gencon. As long as I am able to get a copy, I'm planning on a chapter - by - chapter review with a first impression review up next monday or tuesday. In the future I hope to take requests for other products to review, so if you've always wanted to see something reviewed, let me know and I'll start looking at ideas.


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