Monday, August 24, 2009

Rusted heroes Painted

I finished painting my Knights of the Rose starter set along with the Monk mercenary. The Hopeless Gamer and I played a game last Friday and we will be posting a review of the game after a couple more skirmishes. Impressions so far are very good.


  1. I really like the basing on these. Also impressions on my end are very good mostly because SPOILER: I WON.

  2. I used three different materials on the bases, a really green flock, then a clumpier brown/green/redish flock and then some GaleForceNine grass. It was the first time I tried this array and I am really happy with the results.

  3. The Wife was really drawn to GF9's booth and the basing mats. I'll make sure she see's this and maybe see if she wants some pointers since she's never based mini's before.


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