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Locke: the character sheet.

So I'm actually going to end up playing my character concept for below in an online pbp game of Mouse Guard. I thought it would be cool to post the actual play stats for Locke as a follow-up to the character concept write-up. I did my best to stay true to the description as I wrote it, and hopefully you will enjoy reading it! The questions at the end are part of the character build process to help determine nature, circles, and resources, which are all states that play a big part in the game. This is part of why I love Mouse Guard so much - when you build your character you really think about how he or she interacts with the world. Enjoy.

Sidenote for the guys: TheBro and I discussed playing some mouse guard with a smaller group (like when not everyone's there, obviously), and we're rolling around the idea of doing some character creation this coming friday. It's pretty much a game in and of itself, so start thinking of a badass mouse guard concept for yourself.

Age: 39 Parents: Richard and Martha - boatcrafter
Home: Port Sumac Senior: Willem - armorer
Fur Color: Grey Mentor: Rook - survivalist
Rank: Patrol Guard Cloak: deep green - portrays Locke's
inquisitive and persistent nature.

Enemy: Raff (pronounced similarly to "Raft") the bandit. He
has his own group of bandits, the sharp claws, who have
been active near Lillygrove and Oakgrove. Locke spend a
few years in this area, waiting out winter in the small
quad-villagearea and even going out in the Winter to foil
plans of the sharp claws. Raff's gangwas dismantled slowly
and methodically in no small part due to Locke's efforts.
There are rumors that Raff was rebuilding his gang or
beginning to establish a newone. The rumors started near
their old stomping grounds, but they've spreadthrough the
territories, making it difficult to establish where the source
is growingfrom. Raff holds Locke personally responsible
for the fall of the original sharp claws.

Friend: Joan the apiarist in Flintrust. Flintrust, being a
small town, only has one or two active apiarist, and Joan
is the senior of the two.During Locke's timehunting the Sharp
Claws, Joan was incredibly helpful as a mouse he could rely
on to provide a safe house for him to stay in. She alsohelped
Locke by sending her bees on messenger runs back and
forth from Flintrust to Lockhaven.

Nature (Mouse): 4 Resources: 5
Will: 4 Circles: 2
Health: 4

Belief: A guard mouse has to get his hands dirty if he's to do
any good in this world.

Goal: TBD

Instinct: Always throw myself between danger and those
needing my help.


Boatcrafter 2 Weather Watcher 2

Deceiver 2 Armorer 3

Fighter 4 Survivalist 4 (specialty)

Scout 4 Armor - wise 2

Bandit - wise 2 Guardmouse - wise 2


Tough 1 Determined 1

Gear: Light Armor, Rapier (sword)


Do you save for winter even if it mean going without
something now? Or do you use what you have when you
need it?

Locke learned to conserve from his mentor, Rook, so
yes, he saves for Winter +1 - not bold or generous

When confronted, do you stand your ground and fight
or do you run and hide?

Locke tends to throw himself into a fight when needed,
so he stands his ground.

Do you fear owls, weasels, and wolves?

Locke may at one time have feared such creatures,
but his years in the Guard has taught him understanding
and strategy.


In winter, do you still practice a trade like weaving, smithing,
or pottery for the Guard?

Yes, every winter, Locke returns to Willem's Armory and
keeps a small apartment there, earning his way through
working for Willem, sometimes producing new armor for
himself - +1

Are your parents smiths, politicians, merchants or apiarists?


Do you like to buy gifts for yourself and your friends?

Who has the time? Locke does not live a frivolous life, outside
of the random sweet.

Are you thrifty?

Absolutely, you never know when bad times will come, always
be prepared. - +1, no generous

Have you ever been in debt? Or are you generally bad with


Do you always pack carefully for a journey, ensuring you have
everything you need?

Not at all, Locke believes in his skills to find what he needs
on the road and prefers to spend his strength carrying his
armor and tools of the trade.


Is your mouse gregarious? Does he have lots of friends?
Does he make friends easily?

No, plenty of acquaintances, but few true friends that Locke
would trust with his life.

Do you have strong ties to the Guard? Perhaps a family
tradition or allies within the Guard?

(This is my least favorite question. I want to say "yes" to all,
but Locke's mentor is not his brother and his parents weren't
guardmice, oh well). No.

Has your character accomplished some great ask in the
guard? Does he already have a reputation?

Yes, he asks lots of discreet questions, and his style of
fighting with his armor has gained some notoriety for
Locke. - +1

Does your enemy have powerful enemies in the territories?

Yes, Locke has been hunting bandits for quite a while,
mouse - to - mouse combat is a specialty of his, and many
non-guard mice throughout the territories don't welcome
him with open arms. He suspects his questions within the
guard may have made him an enemy or two as well... -1

Is your character a loner, tough and cool?

Absolutely, Locke prefers to act alone and only begrudgingly
will enter into a patrol with other guard mice. Of course he
feels he owes Gwendolyn at this point and will always follow
an order to complete an assignment. - -1, no extrovert.

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