Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gencon Loot!

Here's what we got at Gencon (from left to right): Riddlemasters map for the Wife (not sure how this works, but it was only a buck), Vs. TCG starters (two starters for a buck = a night's worth of entertainment at least), 3:16: Carnage Amongst the Stars (signed with a little sketch from the creator!), Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born hardcover TPB (found in the auction store for $5.00 still in the shrink, excellent!), and Geist: The Sin-Eaters hardcover fatsplat, which I will be reviewing quite in depth in the next week or so, check back for my review of White Wolf's newest release.

In front of Geist we have the starter and merc figure for a new game THE BRO and I gave a shot on: Rusted Heroes. The game gave us the same vibe we got years ago now when Privateer Press released their very first starters for Cygnar and Menoth. Hopefully it can deliver on the awesome. To the right of Rusted Heroes is a pack of the D&D heroes set (one of the divine sets, the one with the invoker who looks completely badass).

Then we've got some cut-out terrain sheets for KG for his star wars game - another cheap find at the auction store. In front of that we have the wife's new paint dish picked up from Reaper's booth. She's extremely excited about painting after speed painting several times this weekend and I'm extremely excited to have more painted minis.

The last two games, all the way over to the right are the Empires of Dust boxset, a game that seems to combine Dune and the Dark Tower series, and then Sweet Agatha, a two-player mystery game that I can play with the wife as it can be pretty tough to find any two-player RPG's, so that should be neat.

Not pictured are two games we had to send home via UPS, both board games, both picked out by the wife. I'll probably make a new post once they come and explain a little bit more about the types of games my wife really prefers to play. I'll leave it at this for now: I have never beaten her in a game of Scrabble and likely never will.

More post-gencon coverage to come including, as mentioned above, the first part of my Geist review, hopefully up tomorrow reviewing the overall look of the product itself as well as the opening fiction and introduction.

I also will be going into more depth and do some mini reviews of the other items I picked up as I read about them and hopefully get some actual play under my belt.


  1. Thanks for the GenCon coverage! So far as wives and gaming go, I have a similar situation here with respect to Scrabble.
    I am very interested to hear your thoughts on Sweet Agatha and Empires of Dust - neither of which I have heard before now, but rest assured I'll start watching for them.

  2. Well thank you for the comment! It really seems wives are given a free starting feat for good spelling and language use :P

    I too am interested in seeing my own thoughts on Sweet Agatha and Empires of Dust. I picked both up at the Design Matters booth at the Con. I'm having some trouble finding a good centralized website for them, but here's their twitter feed for the con and this looks like a place a lot of the Design Matters folk post at:

    Hope that helps, and I'll happily be posting some feedback in the future on reading the games and, God-willing, actually playing them.

  3. Oooh, so is there more riddlemaster stuff out there?

    *pretends to be a lobster*

  4. Aside from the free starting feat, my wife spent all of her feats and skills on literacy and language skills and library use. (She's fluent in three languages.)

    Oh, two thumbs up for The Gunslinger Born.

    I heard somewhere about people running a gunslinger game using Dogs in the Vineyard. THAT sounds awesome.

  5. Mike - unfortunately there is still only the one other Riddle Masters adventure that we have, it seems the line wasn't successful commercial-wise according the company rep we talked to, which is a real shame.

    Dawnsteel - I suppose wives really do tend to be the face for the party. I have to say that my knowledge of DitV is very limited other than reading a product description and any comparisons to Mouse Guard, although I totally see a gunslinger game in the description alone.

    I have enough indie games I'd love to play but never will (part of the reason I started the blog actually), but even with that I may still end up getting DitV someday. Can't be helped, the indy appeal draws me in like a zombie smelling fresh brains.


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