Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gencon action blog!

So I just figured out how to post mobile-y from my phone. Considering this contraption comes with a decent enough camera on it, I intend on taking lots of pictures while in Indy and posting them in real-time (as real-time a still photo can be posted!).

It may not seem like ground-breaking technology, but I think it's hot stuff, and it's comin' through!


Anyway, if you're interested in a view or peek at something in particular at Gencon Indy, mostly in the dealers' hall as I may not be able to attend any specific seminar (although it can't hurt to ask!), just leave a comment here and I'll make a list up to take with me!

Note: this is all taking into consideration that my Verizon service should still work in Indy. If this is not the case, I should be able to upload my pictures via laptop each night. It's like an experiment, if you're inclined to think that's more exciting than me simply not knowing if my cell service will work.

1 comment:

  1. White Wolf - Geist stuff
    Arc Dreams Booth
    Any of the LARPs- Terrorworks, the zombie one
    Green Ronin
    Goodman Games
    Any cool miniatures displays or big ass wargames
    costume contest or cool costumes in general
    Any new shit at WOTC
    Cubicle 7 booth
    Ennie Awards

    Get to it Parker or you're history!


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