Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gamer Bling # 1 Dragonfire Laser Crafts

What better way to try out my new column than with a company using lasers to make their products unique. Posts covering Gamer Bling will will touch on a variety of items that relate to various aspects of the gaming hobby but are not necessary for playing. Most of these items will help set a mood for gaming at the table and often during other parts of your life.
I am focusing on Dragonfire Laser Crafts ( for two reasons. The first is that I picked up the items below recently at GenCon as a gift for my wife and during the charity auction. The second is that each of the last few years Dragonfire Laser Crafts has produced some pretty neat tokens handed out to all people attending the charity auction.
The bottles are your standard metal water bottles with an interior coating so that the water does not taste metallic. I like the matching caribiners that come with the bottles and will testify that neither bottle has tasted metallic at all. I picked up the unicorn bottle on Thursday to use during the Con and then give to my wife. It is a fairly manly unicorn, and it was amusing to carry around a unicorn bottle for a few days.

The blue bottle came as part of a charity auction lot donated by the company in support of the Indiana Math and Science Academy. I paid over retail for the items as I like the chairty chosen. Many of the items sold at the auction went at our above retail. It was great seeing so many gamers help out a non profit.

One of the other items I received from this auction is the sloop pictured below from their Dragonfire Armada line. ( of the deck are removable for additional areas below decks. These areas aren't very big, but I like the idea of having a battle above and below decks at the same time. I am not sure if this particular model is still available after looking at the catalog, but I did notice some very cool ships on their website. I remember considering this model a GenCon or two ago, but never pulling the trigger until it was for charity. The charity auction gave a good excuse to keep spending money.

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  1. On second thought, you really should have carried around the unicorn bottle as a death eater, you were just drinking unicorn blood s'all.


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