Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games is bringing new Wiz-War and Twilight Imperium Rex for Christmas!

It came as a bit of a surprise yesterday when there was one new, stealthy addition to the Fantasy Flight Games display case at Gencon. Wiz-War, a classic of fantasy board games, is finally getting its long-promised updated version and release. Imperious Rex, a game which appears to be a spin-off of Twilight Imperium that focuses more on ship-to-ship combat. Both games have a price tag of $59.99 and estimated release date of Christmas 2011.


  1. Twilight... Imperium... spinoff. This is bad news for me and my wallet.

  2. Even worse news? I've read that it's the long-taunted game FFG has been developing based on the original Dune board game rules. We are all ruined, I am afraid.

  3. It should be the Dune remake...

  4. I like this game because of these features. Amazing animation, great graphics and superb sound quality. I am the big fan of this game.

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  5. LandonCarton1 said:

    "Amazing animation, great graphics and superb sound quality"

    Spam much? I don't particularly think of the sound quality in a FFG game being very good, unless you mean the satisfying thwak of a cardboard tile being punched out of its sheet.

    That said, these do look awesome.


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