Friday, March 12, 2010

Got a question for Rob Kouba, designer of Battles of Westeros?

If you do, you should send us an email at or leave a comment here because The Bro and I have the incredible opportunity to get some hands-on action with the Battles of Westeros and the designer himself, Rob Kouba, early next week. As a part of this, we'll get in a game or two and have a chance to ask Rob 10 questions (or a little more, if he is ever so kind!).

There's a catch! We need your help coming up with questions! Ideally they would relate to BoW, but if you've got a question about any of the other games he's worked on or general FFG stuff, we'll do our best to grill him next week. In addition, you'll get some credit here on the blog for coming up with the question when we post the interview. What are you waiting for? Post those questions!


  1. So, when can we expect this game? :D

  2. Deeper question: not knowing anything about the westeros world, but liking what I'm seeing so far about the game... with the inevitable expansions (given the game says "core set" on it), are they going to be plot driven expansions with specific scenarios to go with the characters...or is it going to be a more community-focused "here's the characters, you know the story, make it happen" and kind of letting the fans drive it?

  3. How dynamic will the game be? Thanks.

  4. Will there be multiple player scenarios of three or more players or is this game designed solely as a head-to-head game? Will it be possible to play with three or more players on a map if there are no scenarios including 3+ player support?

    Battles of Westeros is described by Christian Petersen, CEO of FFG, as a "gritty, no-magic, medieval warfare game". Will we be seeing the mystical elements of A Song of Ice and Fire in Battles of Westeros such as the Others, Asshai, dragons, and maegi in future expansions? Or is FFG trying to steer clear of "The classic BattleLore game had an eclectic mix of a Fantasy and historic medieval theme that FFG has never been comfortable with"?

  5. 1} Is he going to be involved in future BattleLore {not Battle of Westeros} products or he will be designing BoW only from now on?

    2} What will happen to original BattleLore?

    3} How much time does it take to play a single battle of BoW?

    4} What's Richard Borg involvement in all this?

    Thank you!
    Vasilis Foukarakis

  6. These are great questions guys and they mirror a lot of my queries and concerns as well.

  7. Who is the artist who sculpted the miniatures? Will they use the same sculptor for the planned expansions?

  8. I've spent loads of time and effort painting my newly purchased Battlelore figures. Will I be able to use them to play BoW to start off with whilst I start painting the BoW figures?

  9. Any chance for some sort of competitive league forming out of this? (Doubtful, but may be worth asking...)


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