Monday, February 22, 2010

My Sister's reaction to the Event Center Grand Opening!

I asked my sister to write up a little blurb about how she felt the weekend went, and she agreed! Also included is a couple of pictures from the big day, so without further a do, enjoy!     Being the little sis of two game-obsessed bros, of course I would be up for a random road trip to Minneapolis for the opening of the new Fantasy Flight Game Event Center. Once The Bro and I walked in, we were enticed by images from all of the board games by FFG. My favorite part was how maps were creatively used as lighting. There is lots of wide open space for people to enjoy playing their favorite games. The Bro and I started the afternoon out by playing the Battlestar Galactica board game, which I had never played before. I have watched the whole series; however, I can see how someone who has not watched the series would be able to play this game with ease. Of course, being a person who is bad at keeping secrets, I was the only toaster in a four-player game. I guess I played it pretty well, only losing with one fuel away from Cylon victory. The announcement finally came to reveal the third mystery box from Gencon, and the Battle of Westeros looks really neat, but I was most excited about the announcement of George R. R. Martin visiting in November. I think I may have to make my brothers take the trip with me. The store is very nice and very welcoming. Personally, I enjoyed the amount of natural light that the store had. One could game for a long time, and not feel like they were trapped. It was worth the four hour trip and now I need to work on getting through A Song of Fire and Ice before November!

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