Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Horus Heresy and Battles of Westeros Contest Update.

One of the other big games hinted by FFG at Gencon 2009, Horus Heresy has gotten a lot more press than Battles of Westeros. That being said, we hope to provide pictures of some stuff you haven't seen before or maybe just better views of what you've seen. Regardless, enjoy! As a reminder, we're currently running a contest to give away a framed art print signed by George R.R. Martin. Check this post or just scroll down to the next post for more details. We're already very excited with the response we've got, and if you've sent us an email already, you should all have a response as of tonight from us. If you haven't sign on to follow yet please do! We need to get to reach our goal of 100 followers by noon Sunday so we can give the print away. Don't worry there'll be something a Game of Thrones related if we can reach just 75 followers, it just won't be the print. If you have already signed up and would like to see THG get to 100 followers so you get a chance at the print, tell your friends to enter! Advertise the contest on forums, in email, via twitter, on facebook, get creative! Enjoy the photos.


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